A day in the life…jungle life

Breakfast consists of a dry bun, fried egg and pureed papaya juice at 5:20am, and on boat with Ka and Astro by 6am. Slowly paddled to end of lake and saw: 2 caymens, toucans, what looked like a water snake, 6 otters with huge teeth, monkeys and to many different birds to list…this was all before 10am. Came back and saw spider monkeys in the trees at the lodge, pointed out by Alex and Melos. Melos who is a jungle expert took us for a walk and gave us lesson about all the medicinal uses for the various plants. This came in handy when Harry cut his thumb while making pitfall traps. We knew exactly which plant leaves, when crushed, would speed healing…it will be interesting to see how it looks in a few days! We held little snakes and frogs that the research teams were working with. The amount of knowledge that i have gained and how much my world has expanded in the last few days, has been super incredible. I didn’t think today could really get any better but this afternoon we encountered a pack of about 20 squirrel monkeys when we checked the pitfall traps and along with them was a Harpy Eagle. This is a very rare eagle as well as the largest in Peru. It is known for hunting the squirrel monkeys. This eagle perched above us on a palm frond for about 5 min. It was quite a spectacular sight and wonderful opportunity to take in such a majestic creature! The adventures continued as we got into harnesses and climbed 40 m up a ladder to a platform high above the jungle floor…the view was amazing and the climbing equipment a little scary!

Feeling energized by all the amazing animal encounters and the adrenalin rush from being high above the jungle canopy on a small platform of wood 🙂

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