Amazon to Andes

We left the jungle a three days ago and took a 10 hour bus ride to Cusco. It was incredible travelling up through the high Andean mountains, over 14 000ft in some places, passing llamas and tiny mountain villages. The amazing scenery almost made up for violent B movies in spanish and the fact that I was vomiting in a bag for the last 6 hours of the trip. We arrived in Cusco and weren’t sure if I was experiencing altitude sickness so thought it made more sense to get down to lower elevation in Sacred Valley. Ka and Astro have some friends at a hostel in Ollantaytambo where I was able to recover. Appears as though i had a stomach infection, feeling better today, was able to eat a bit and keep it down. I am having a tremendous amount of gratitude though that I didn’t have to deal with it coming out of both ends 🙂

The mountains and ruins around Ollantaytambo are breathtaking and the sun was shining this morning which encouraged me to get out of bed and walk around a bit. This town is basically ancient Inka ruins from the 13th century. Everything is built within the walls of these ruins, as you walk down the narrow cobblestone streets you feel as though you have slipped through a portal to some ancient time.

It is much cooler here and after the downpour this afternoon I am huddled under the comforter with gloves on trying to get warm! Unfortunately, my hair dryer blew up this morning as I was using it to dry my ostomy pouch after a cold shower. Speaking of gratitude… feeling it in this moment, for fireplaces, central heating, and warm baths!

2 thoughts on “Amazon to Andes

  1. Glad your feeling better. Sounds like a wonderful healing journey for you. So great to know how you are doing. Love and prayers are being send your way.

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