Isle of Taquille

I am writing this by candlelight, as rain and hail sounds like it is going to come through the metal roof of my tiny home for the night. It is louder than I ever imagined possible! Lightening is flashing through the peruvian sheets covering the broken windows in this little room, on the Isle of Taquille. We are staying with a local family here for one night..what an amazing experience it has been! A 3 hour boat ride from Puno brought us to this magical place on lake Titicaca, where the 2000 residents still dress in traditional outfits, this is a co-operative community and there is a kindness and warmth here that is so incredible! You see men knitting the traditional toques in the main square and while hiking, i saw several older women with loads of branches the same size of them tied to their backs, herding sheep along the steep rocky pathways that drop off to the sparkling blue lake below. This island is made up of little windy rock paths weaving their way through Inka terraces and ruins. Around every corner are spectacular views of the lake, a little garden or a thatched hut surrounded by a rock wall…it kinda reminds me of The Shire from Lord of the Rings but a top an island surrounded by endless turquoise water. We hiked to a white sand beach at the south end of the island this afternoon, it was incredible coming over the hill and seeing this untouched white crescent waiting for us below. It felt great to kick off our shoes and run barefoot along the shore. The three of us tested out the water but it was freezing despite the warm sun overhead. We met so many friendly locals along the way and made it back just in time for sunset, the golden glow on the clouds was so beautiful and sitting in the edge of the cliff high above the lake, it looked as though you could almost reach out and touch the clouds! With the setting sun, the full moon rose above the Bolivan mountains, across the lake. In the opposite direction, an amazing lightening show started in the distance. We were all in awe….I don’t think I have ever experienced so much exquisite beauty in one place in such a short time, thank you, Pachamama!

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