We arrived in Bolivia a few days ago and stopped in Copacabana for a little recharge before heading off the Isla del Sol and Isla del Luna. This is a cute little beach town where the sun seems to shine everyday. Here is our friend, Sergio, from Colombia that we met on the bus from Puno.
We are staying in an old colonial style hotel with hot water and comfy beds for less than $10 a night…it feels pretty luxurious! We have been entertaining ourselves walking the streets and markets, eating and drinking in little cafes along the beach and generally just taking it easy adjusting to the altitude. It has been nice settling into a place for a few days, getting laundry done and not rushing anywhere. We have been looking into taking a bus from here to La Paz. I must admit I am having a bit of mild anxiety about taking the bus in Bolivia since none of them have toilets! The bathrooms on the buses in Peru were super dodgy but at least there was a toilet…should be interesting! Guess, no long bus trips for me in this country šŸ™‚
There is a 3 day religious festival starting tomorrow in town that we are going to check out and then off to the islands to explore…

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