Sunny days in Oruro

As I was walking in the sunshine mint chocolate ice cream in hand, I began thinking about all the fantastic things I had seen and experienced the past 4 days of Carnival. I really believe this is a festival for everyone’s inner child…a time to come out and play freely! It is a time to dress up and drink the joyful spirit that emanates from every smiling face, it is a time to have a little mischievous fun and lead with laughter…essentially it is a time to celebrate and just be in a state of joy!!!
As I was strolling through the streets and market, I saw an older woman sitting beside a large bucket of water filling up water balloons for a crowd of kids. I got squirted twice with super soaker water guns and got to join in and relish in the delight and laughter…
Off to Yuyuni on the train this afternoon where we will be joining a 3 day tour of the Salt Flats in the south west of Bolivia and ending in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile.

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