Salt Flats of Yuyuni

The last three days, and 1500km, have been the highlight of my adventures so far…so much exquisite natural beauty, it feels as though words won’t do it justice! We had an amazing crew, 6 of us in a Land Rover, plus our guide, Tito. We left from Yuyuni and our first stop was the Salt Flats…AWESOME! The white ground was under about 10 cm of water this created an amazing mirror effect that seemed to go on forever…blue sky and white clouds reflecting from under our feet. The land rovers were driving in the water across the vast expanse with people sitting on the roofs and having fun snapping pictures. There are some great optical illusions that you can create here!
We also visited the Valley of the rocks…meditating here, I felt incredibly small and also deeply connected to Mother Earth. The silence here could be felt, not just heard, it was very grounding!
As we continued on we explored lagoons with flamingos…one of the lagoons was even red in colour, snow capped mountain peaks, geysers, hot springs, barren landscapes that reminded me of what I believe Tibet to look like, huge rock formations rising up from the red sandy desert…reminiscent of a planet from the movie, Star Wars! The diversity in landscapes was almost unbelievable…there were times that I had to pinch myself because it felt like I was dreaming! The second night i had the amazing opportunity to watch the sky turn orange and pink as the sunset reflected off the snow capped mountains in the distance. After dinner, once the sky grew dark, the 6 of us, climbed the hill behind our desert abode and marvelled at the magnificent twinkling sky. Milky Way sparkles swirled across the horizon and for the first time I could feel the entire night sky pulsing, whispering its wisdom and sharing its secrets…

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