San Pedro de Atacama

Finally, warm weather and maybe the best shower I have ever had! You can imagine after 3 days without one and splashing our feet in the water on the salt flats doesn’t count! I love this quaint Chilean holiday spot. It is full of vacationers, local and foreigners, there are great restaurants and lounges with dj’s playing great music. But honestly, it is just nice to be back in place that has many of the comforts that I have a whole new appreciation for such as a toilet seats, toilet paper (that I didn’t have to buy myself), water pressure in the shower AND electricity 24 hours a day! We went from freezing temperatures this morning to above 30 deg by mid-day, amazing how much elevation can change our experience! Best moment so far was arriving in town, shedding some of the winter clothes and sitting on a beautiful patio and enjoying ice cold drinks! Amazing how you can find such simple things so blissful, especially after going without them for a while. That night we enjoyed Pisco Sours (mixed lime drink with egg whites…famous in Peru and Bolivia) around a blazing fire outside a restaurant in town. San Pedro is reminiscent of an old town from the Wild West, no paved roads, just tourists strolling lazily through the dust. The vibe here is chill and the pace slow enough for a gentle reintegration back into “city life!”


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