Sand dune sunsets and star gazing

One of my most memorable adventures on this trip so far has been the night, Michael, Andrew, Rich and I rented bikes and headed out of town at golden hour, with the hopes of making it to the Vallee del luna for sunset. We underestimated the time it would take to get there and when we arrived at the park gate the guide laughed and said we had no chance of making it for sunset, or before closing, for that matter. Since we are all pretty used to changing plans on the fly and not being too attached to any of it, we decided to go to the Vallee del muertes instead. After a somewhat strenuous ride/walk, off the beaten track (literally) between beautiful salt rock formations, and through sand, we came across these massive sand dunes! We had just enough time to climb to the top as the sky turned shades of orange and pink, and watch the last of the sand boarders finishing up. It was absolutely magical as though you were sitting on top of the world. We tried to enjoy a little picnic with at the top, complete with red wine, but the wind was blowing sand everywhere. After a few mouthfuls of grit, we packed up the food and was fed, instead, by the incredible scenery.
We watched the stars slowly start appearing overhead as the orange receded to be replaced by deeper and deeper blues. I wish I could have captured the magic of the stars that night, it was something i could feel in every part of my being, a deep sense of connectedness as they whispered wisdom and wonder with every twinkle! We stayed under the stars for quite awhile soaking in the pale glow of a small crescent moon with Jupiter beside her. It was hard to leave but we decided we had better start our trek back into town, it was too dangerous to ride our bikes through the valley in the dark so we enjoyed a peaceful moonlight walk, fearless and free, small and gigantic…separate and together!

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