Floating in Laguna Cezar and Vallee del Luna at sunset

Since we never actually made it to the Valley of the moon on our bike ride adventure the other night, we decided to book a car to take us there. The tour also included an afternoon at the Laguna Cezar which is this super salty swimming hole in the desert…similar to the Dead Sea. What an interesting experience to be fully supported and buoyant, soaking in the sun, white salt crystals forming all over your skin!
It was such a nice relief from the 30 deg desert heat, to be able to submerge in the blue green coolness. We spent a couple hours here mostly just floating! Our driver had some fresh water to rinse off our bodies before heading back into town. We were are to have a little siesta (and shower) before getting back into the car and heading to the Moon Valley for sunset.
Truly, this must be one of the most beautiful places on earth! We stopped at incredible red rock cliffs, white salt dusting the ground like icing sugar, snow capped mountains in the distances, the sky a brilliant palette of pink, purple and oranges. Our last stop, we hiked to the top of a mountain peak for the last 30 minutes of magic hour, enjoyed a Pisco sour and watched the sun disappear beyond the horizon. Once again, totally in awe of this epic journey and the exquisite beauty I have witnessed!

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