Salta and Cafayate

Thank goodness, Michael and I were able to get the last two seats on the Tuesday bus out of San Pedro de Atacama to Salta. My departure date is fast approaching and since the buses only run on Tuesday and Fridays, and if we had missed that one I would have had no time in Argentina. The bus ride was 13 hours with the border crossing and we arrived late in Salta with no accommodation and another festival going on. It was a huge gaucho festival, along with celebrations for 200 years of independence. On our second night we attended the festivities with a huge outdoor concert with bands playing, streets parties with massive bbq’s, fireworks and about 10 000 people! It was great to take part in a fun cultural event like this one.
Salta was all about great food and wine, patios in the sunshine, beautiful churches and getting into the chill hostel vibe. We stayed at a couple great places with lots of young travellers, imagine hammocks swinging in the lounge, group dinners with 20 plus people from around the world, and impromptu guitar jamming throughout the day. I definitely enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere here.
Michael and I took a day trip to Cafayate and enjoyed the wine tours, but it was the drive that was stunning! Along the way, we stopped at natural rock amphitheatres, the “little Grand Canyon,” the cathedral, rainbow rock formations, and wrapped up this incredible day with wine flavoured ice cream! I am so grateful to be able to enjoy food again without worrying about the repercussions!

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