A perfect ending in Buenos Aires

I had the most wonderful few days in Buenos Aires as my last stop on this great South American adventure. I said goodbye to the friends that I had met along the way and headed out on my own. I knew I was finally ready! I have had countless beautiful reminders over the last several weeks that the Universe is a friendly place filled with love and kindness. There are always situations where danger is a possibility but fear is a choice! I choose to open my heart and let it lead. I choose to trust my higher self, the divine that flows through me, and let it be my guide. I choose presence, and within that space, there is no room for fear.
I stayed in a beautiful neighbourhood called Recoleta, it reminded me of Paris…the architecture, the parks, the cafes, the boutiques. I stayed at El Sol de Recoleta, a great place with lots of young travellers and roof top soirées. It was also a 10 minute walk to the famous Recoleta Cemetery where many of the Buenos Aires elite are placed, including Eva Peron (Argentina’s beloved Evita). I enjoyed walking around the cemetery and appreciating the architecture and symbolism that went into all these exquisite mausoleums. We can’t say they were buried because they are above ground still.
I travelled everywhere in this city by walking, bus or metro. It felt great to really get a taste of the city this way. I imagined what it would be like to live here, and it was actually quite appealing. One day I took the bus to La Boca and explored the colourful artist district. This neighbourhood is teaming with life.. patios are overflowing, bbq’s and the sun are blazing, entertainers dance the tango while you are being serenaded by a soulful jazz singers. It is like stepping through time to something reminiscent of what i imagine New Orleans might have looked like 100 years ago but with a splash of carnival.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI also had a fantastic time exploring the Sunday antique market in the neighbourhood of San Telmo! There must have been about 20 000 people lazily meandering down the street past the vendors and street performers. I was happy to discover you could buy so much more than antiques and found some fun summer outfits.
I spent a wonderful afternoon exploring the Museum de Belles Artes. I really enjoyed the freedom I felt taking my time soaking in the paintings and sculptures…Toulouse, Monet, Picasso, all at my own pace, with no agenda and no schedule. What a gift to really enjoy my own company amongst these masterpieces. To be inspired and appreciative of my own creativity and potential for greatness through these great works of art!
Other beautiful moments that stand out… sitting on the green grass at Plaza Italia and eating my lunch before heading to the botanical gardens in Palermo. Watching the full moon appear illuminating the bench where we sat enjoying ice cream, the wrought iron gates and old lamp posts around the park creating a feeling of magic and excitement.
My time in Buenos Aires was more beautiful than I could have hoped or imagined. Even now there is this small nagging feeling that it is too soon for this adventure to be coming to a close. Maybe on some level, I was aware of what lay ahead for me upon my return to Vancouver, regardless, I choose courage, grace and complete reliance on the unknown.

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