Sunshine on Vancouver Island


I had a beautiful time on the island last week with family and friends. This picture above is the spectacular view from the front porch of my parents home…I could sit here for hours soaking this in! My week started with sunshine and morning Qi gong with my dad. It was such a gift to experience, this energy together and to witness my dad’s excitement about his new found exercise regime. I am truly grateful to be able to share these kinds of experiences with him and, I am even kinda hooked on the Qi Gong. It is super energizing to feel your body buzzing and so alive first thing in the morning and without coffee!


Monday was one of the best days I have had in awhile. I enjoyed a beautiful drive up the malahat, stopped at view points (like the one above) along the way and arrived just before lunch at my friend, Sandra’s home in Cobble Hill. Sandra has the most magical little place complete with chickens, a pond, and definitely all the warmth of a country cottage! Here is the view from her kitchen window…


We had a wonderful day together filled with synchronicity and divine flow! We had lunch in Cowichan Bay, enjoyed a patio in the sunshine, and even had a shop that was closed for the day open its doors for us to come in and try on hats. From there we went to Cherry Point Estate wines for dessert and had great conversations with the owner. He told us stories about his family and his passion for making amazing wines and we shared a bit about our lives too. From here we continued on to Merridale and soaked in the playful and whimsical faery vibe that surrounds this property. Around every corner there is a little glimpse of magic, they even have little faery doors on the trees here! We enjoyed a late afternoon walk through the woods and along a quarry with a gorgeous lake at the bottom. The whole area of Cobble Hill is so cute and quaint… I would love to call this place home, one day! When we got back to Sandra’s we indulged in wine, cheese and a fresh baguette. I was in heaven!


Just when I thought this day couldn’t be anymore perfect, I noticed that my pouch had sprung a leak…actually it was kinda like a small burst 😉 I had a brief moment of panic and anxiety wondering if Sandra could tell what just happened and what would she think if she could? or what will she think if I spend extra long in the bathroom or…? With a million “what if’s” swirling through my thoughts, I quickly reminded myself of the warm and loving space I was in, and I remembered that the fear I feel is all in my head. The worry stems from self-judgement and “what if’s” which aren’t really based in reality. The truth is that I will receive as much love and acceptance around having an ileostomy, as I willing to show myself!  So now, more than ever, I choose self-love because it is all that I am really sure of these days.


I change my pouch and once again realize that it isn’t as big a deal as I made it up to be in my head. I am pretty sure, Sandra wouldn’t have even noticed. We sit on her deck, the eagles fly overhead, perching in the giant trees surrounding the property, having their own sunset moments high above. We chat for hours and it is wonderful to be able to share stories and support one another. It feels like The Universe brought us into each others’ lives to inspire freedom, expansion and new beginnings!  It seems as though we are on very similar parallel journeys right now, as we each embark out on our own, it is comforting to know there is someone who is traveling alongside you…

One thought on “Sunshine on Vancouver Island

  1. Your IBD and surgery story is very similar to mine and your blog is one of my favorites. I just nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award. There are quite a few steps to do to accept the award and they can be found on my blog post here:

    No worries if you don’t have time to go through that process. I am just excited to share your site with my readers along with the reasons I love it so much.


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