Body Art and Happy Anniversaries


One of my most recent adventures was getting inked at the Vancouver Tattoo and Body Art Convention by Katia @ Rainfire Tattoo. I wanted to share because this work of art has been a a symbol for me along my journey the last couple years. The symbol, known as the Flower of Life (a term coined by Drunvalo Melchizedek) is one of the oldest symbols known to man and has represented important meaning to many people of all major religions throughout history.  If your interested in learning more check out:

I had the outline of this tattoo done on my birthday (Feb 28th) last year when I was very sick. For me, the Flower of  Life, represents connection, integration and wholeness, a merging of my body, mind and spirit. A symbol to remind myself that we are all created from god’s love, each one of us, a beautiful individual expression of divine intelligence. Here is a picture of me with the outline completed.

2011-08-12 11.02.37

And now one year later here it is, teaming with life, blossoming, thriving!


I am brought to tears looking at these two photos together, and the long road in between. The  incredible challenges, joy and sorrows that filled the last 12 months, but most of all I feel tremendous gratitude! Yesterday was the one year anniversary for living colon-free, and i know it is going to just keep getting better!

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