16km Pit Viper Day

We experienced lots of varied terrain today, everything from gently sloping dirt roads, off the wall bush whacking, crumbling verticals and shear cliffs. I saw a huge brown snake curled up only a few feet from where we were sitting and taking photos on the wall. We have now discovered that this is a most likely a Pit Viper, a poisionous snake found in the hills west of a Beijing. Betty Ann managed to snap a picture before it slithered back into a whole in the wall. The rain managed to hold off today, but there was lots of fog and clouds changing through the mountains and changing the view every few minutes. I got to try Phil’s Google glasses today which was pretty neat. They felt pretty techy and futuristic. The sun came out at the end of the hike today, and i celebrated with some good ol’fashioned bubble blowing!
My legs are feeling pretty stiff now as I sit on the bus for our 3 hour transfer to our next lodge. I am praying that i am incorrect in my assumption that all of China sleeps on box springs and tonight, finally, the bed will have a mattress that isn’t quite so firm. Jet lag is also interfering with the quality of my sleeps, it was another 3am morning. I was hoping the Chinese medicine i drank last night which was a concoction of herbs and a decaying lizard soaked in 68% alcohol would have helped with the sleep but no such luck. It did work for Mark and he then proceeded to channel various Silence of the Lambs characters, much to Tina’s distress. Having a great time laughing with, and getting to know, my IBD Adventure teammates. It is a light and playful energy, despite sore knees, burning thighs and occasional horror movie references.

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