Gubeikou Gateway

Today was my second favourite trekking day! It started with Chinese pancakes for breakfast and lunch, a nice change from the white Wonder bread sandwiches with processed cheese. The fog lifted a bit and the views along the ancient wall were spectacular, we also had some variety in the scenery. We had a chance to get off the wall and bushwhacked around a military zone, through the mist and vegetation you could hear shells exploding in the distance. We walked for a couple hours over the countryside, through farmers fields, the only people we encountered was a small group of farmers fixing up their place to make it into a lodge to host groups like ours. Chris, our guide, mentioned that he was going to have a group stay there next week. I imagine that it is going to be very rustic accommodations, the goat and chickens roaming around were charming and hopefully, the outhouse is complete before they arrive. It was amazing how far these local farmers will go to plant crops, up mountainsides in what feels like the middle of nowhere, another reminder of the strength of the human spirit! I had a huge smile as I hiked because for most of the day we were followed by butterflies, white in colour, dancing playfully with one another.
It was beautiful to see parts of The Wall that Mother Nature had begun to reclaim, as carpets of green grass started to fill in some of the sections. Many of the towers were crumbling and parts of the walkway had fallen away completely, as we navigated sections only a few feet wide, sheer drops on either side.

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