Mutianyu Section

Here is the map of where we have trekked the last 6 days…
Map of Great Wall
I kept hoping that we were going to have one day with sunshine while hiking the wall but no such luck. The last day was actually the stormiest of them all with high winds and rain. Today our hike was was along a popular tourist part of the wall at Mutianyu and Dr. Jiang and some of the doctors he works with came out to hike with us. Michele’s friend, Bruce, who is also from Vancouver, joined us as we reached our hiking goal at the top of the Stairway to Heaven. I had to laugh that our final ascent was a staircase to Heaven…so appropriate and a great way to finish the journey. We took some photos at the top and then quickly retreated back down for lunch at Subway which seemed to be a fan favourite this week. Here is us at the top of the stairs.
photo-3I am so proud of everyone who was a part of this awesome IBD adventure team, each one of you inspired and empowered me in different ways, thank you! We were all stretched and strengthened in many ways, not only has my legs become much stronger but my eyes and heart have opened a bit wider.

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