One Night in Bangkok

Bangkok was a bit of a culture shock from what i had been experiencing in China, amazing that can happen between two countries in south east Asia?! I arrived late and didn’t get dropped off by the taxi close to my hotel until 1:30am, prime party time on Khaosan Road! Here is a picture above during the daytime, but trust me, it gets crazier as the sun goes down. I had to walk a couple blocks with my backpack, dodging people who couldn’t see straight, while they were busy sucking booze out of buckets filled booze and Red Bull. It was a sight to see and I had to chuckle at the craziness of it all! The passion that these people were putting into partying was impressive, I must admit I had a moment of self-reflection and was brought back to the years when I was doing the same.
The next morning between monsooning rainstorms, I saw some of the sights of Bangkok by foot. I walked and explored Wat Po. The most impressive sight was the giant reclining gold Buddha with his ornately designed feet in Mother of Pearl. This temple houses the largest collection of Buddha images in all of Thailand. I enjoyed walking around the temples and soaking in the beautiful architecture and serenity. I caught a tuk tuk (little motorcar) back to my neighbourhood for a bit of shopping while I waited for Ainaz and Anouk to meet me. Ainaz is a friend from back home who was been biking across south east Asia and has been staying in Bangkok for a couple months. It was lovely to see them and we headed out of the touristy area and had pad Thai, at a favourite local place, down by the river. It was nice to get a warm hug from a friend, I think I have been feeling a bit lonely since leaving the IBD Adventures group in China. Enjoyed more exploring down by the river, visiting little alleys and shopping along the way. Despite drunk couples screaming at one another in the hallway of my hotel, my sleep was pretty good and set off early the next morning for the airport to catch a plane to Krabi. On my way way to the airport, gazing out the window and day dreaming, i asked the Universe to bring some fun friends who i could travel with. I was ready to experience the magic of Thailand that I had imagined from gazing at pictures, white sand beaches, rock cliffs jutting out of turquoise waters, and smiling friendly faces.

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